We can’t take care of them forever, so we provided self-reliance lessons to ensure they are able to manage themselves …

In several cases, there are few deaf people who have more than 1 defects alongside with deafness. This group of people are the group of people that need extra attention and guidance in life.


Therefore, MFD creates a special program to train them to become useful, independent and competitive people. This program is also the only one in our country that focuses on communication as a core, literacy and numeracy as well as life-skills training based on each individual needs.


At the end of the training, we will help the deaf to look for a job opportunity based on their abilities.

terms   of   participation

This program is open to Malaysians who need training in self independent. Co-ordination of parents or guardians is a key requirement for the success of this program.


Participants required to in a hostel provided for self-care training.


Fees are charged for accommodation and dining because the program does not receive any financial support from the government.

Participants will be trained at least 6 months and if any progress is forwarded they will be send to work under the supervision of the MFD.