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Malaysian    sign     Language

Language had been widely used by people for communication purpose and to achieve a better living lifestyle. Conventional verbal or oral language is been used extensively but unfortunately is not utilized by the Deaf. Thus, deaf people communicate in a non-verbal language that is called as “Sign-language”.


Malaysia Federation of Deaf has played a crucial role in the development of sign language since 1997; through funds from Abilis Foundation and Finland, MFD has started a local signage project used by Deaf people from various races and religions throughout the country. The set was named as Malaysian Sign Language and with the help from the Japanese Government MFD had successfully printed out the books to distribute to all.


In Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 or Act 685, Malaysian Sign Language has been recognized as the Deaf’s official language in Malaysia. Today, MFD had successfully produced 18 BIM books including 2 mobile applications.


For the effort to develop BIM, the Deaf language of the Deaf, the Federation has been the provider of BIM Course instructor for government and private agencies. 5 local universities namely Segi University, UKM, UM, UIA and Perdana University have also conducted BIM studies and as an elective subject at their University.

For the effort to develop BIM, the Deaf language for the Deaf the MFD has become the provider of BIM course instructor for government and the private sector. Moreover, 5 local universities which are Segi University, UKM, UM, UIA and Perdana University had also conducted BIM studies as an elective subject at respective university.

The MFD receives the application for a BIM Course by contacting Mrs Masuzana at 03-80709308 or email to


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