To integrate the deaf with the society, BIM interpreter plays an important role….

When and where the service of sign interpreter started remain unknown. As previously the need of communication for Deaf people in communication-related matters was done by the parents, families or close friend. But in the 60s, Tan Yap who received the RIP certification- the Registry of Interpreter for the Deaf, USA became the first person in Malaysia who have the credentials as a sign interpreter in the court case.

Since a qualified sign interpreter was needed in the court case related to the Deaf, the teachers in the deaf school were appointed to become sign interpreters for the deaf

However, due to the issues of the various background from the Deaf and not all of them able to understand ASL or BMKT sign language, in 1998 Kuala Lumpur Deaf Association has embarked on providing free sign language interpreter for the deaf community.  


The sign interpreter is the person who translates the language of the speech into the sign language and vice versa for the Deaf. The signal interpreter plays an important role for Deaf people in communication.

Sign interpreter should be proficient in sign language and other spoken languages. They are bound to ethics, especially confidentiality, professional and most important sign interpreters should have the credentials to provide the best service.

MFD is the only organization in Malaysia providing signalling services for:

•    All official affairs,

•    Court,

•    Lessons,    

•    Employment,

•    Counselling,

•    Meetings and conferences,

•    Religion and the various forms of communication that needed by the deaf.


An application must be made through the Deaf Society that is a member of the MFD.

Complete the form provided and forwarded to the Association by post, fax or various types of electronic media.

[Click here for the Forms]



The service is free from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm only during working days. The Members of the Association shall have the priority first and for those who are not members of the association; minimum charges shall be charged to cover transportation costs.

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